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About me

Self portrait, selfie, in studio, Iain Geddes
Iain Geddes


Photography is important. It captures moments in time for us to cherish or be amazed by.

As a trained professional I take the subject very seriously but this doesn't mean I've lost a sense of fun or wonder, in fact you need these in abundance to really fire up your creativity and if you work with me I hope you'll find my energy and enthusiasm will rub-off on you.

My background is in engineering, in particular as a time-served skilled artisan I had to exercise my creative streak all through my working life taking this to graduate level engineering. Photography came later through a surprise career change as part of my new role in a quasi-journalistic post as part of the publications team in a national subscription magazine, I'm a competent copywriter and product reviewer for outdoor leisure equipment and vehicles .

Having been trained in fine-art and commercial photography and day to day work experience within a publication puts me in a strong position to deliver great commercial, portraiture and still life imagery in both live settings and the studio.

I'm based in Coventry and can travel around the Warwickshire and West Midlands in my trusty old Saab.

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